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We Are Talent Colony

Talent Colony is a network for creative and talented minds. It is an unraveling of only the most captivating talents, bringing them to limelight and opening them up to an audience, organically creating a fan base for them and a likely investor base.

At talent colony we identify the talent clusters and point them in the right direction for growth. Once a month we organize a collection of the most talented people in the network to showcase their brilliance.

Arts and Crafts, Fashion Designs will be on display for interested buyers while Musicians, Dancers, Comedians, Poets and Spoken word artists will have a stage to perform to an audience, Entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas to angel investors, also talent managers and mentors.

Who Should Come Aboard

Does your skill set fit into any of the roles we’re looking for? You should definitely join us if you are one of those listed here…

Are you an artiste?

Are you a business manager or consultant?

Are you a Fashion Designer?

Are you an event planner or talent promoter?

Are you a Makeup Artiste?

A Model or Vixen?

Dancer or Choreographer?

Are you into film making?

Are you a musician or an entertainer?

Are you an investor or a talent Manager?

Do you handle Media Services?

Do you draw, sculpt or Paint?

Are you a Photographer?

A lifestyle practitioner?

Are you into Graphics?

Are you a software developer or a digital marketer?

Are you a journalist, publisher or a Writer?

Are you an entrepreneur?

Into Showbiz?

Do you have an interesting start up that needs angel investors?

How To Participate


To get started, fill in the registration form below with the required details. Be sure to fill as accurate as possible.


All registered entries will be screened and shortlisted entries will be notified.

Content Upload

Shortlisted candidates will be required to upload content showcasing abilities in their chosen category.

Contests & Winners

Finalist are drilled with a couple of contests to test capabilities and winners selected.

Benefits of Being Selected

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2 %
4 %
1 %
3 %

To Join

Fill the form below to join millions of other highly talented individuals globally and get a chance to network with them.

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